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Japan’s unique way of preventing store robbery+

Watch how Japanese store owners prevent store robberies. Not sure this would work in South [...]

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Incredible Paris timelapse featuring over 40 000 photos and 400 hours of editing+

from the filmmaker: “I recently embarked on a three week trip to Paris, to try [...]

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Pretoria Then and Now (1954 vs 2014)+

Following on from the “Then and Now” series of Cape Town, Durban and Jozi, here’s [...]

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Highlights from the 2013 Put Foot Rally Malawi+

Watch highlights form the Malawi leg of “The greatest social rally on the face of [...]

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Footage of Durban from 1962+

Footage from the British Pathe archive of Durban in 1962. Please enjoy the description form [...]

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A giraffe walks into a bar…+

Taken at the Lion Park near Johannesburg in September 2013. The tame female giraffe used to [...]

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If this video doesn’t make you want to go to Namibia right now, I don’t [...]

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Namibian road trip+

A fun video of a group of friends road tripping Namibia – a land of [...]

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The beat of New York+

This video captures the ceaseless movement of New York and its people: a city pulsing [...]

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Postcard from Bali+

A slow, meditative short film of Bali, showing a different side of the island from [...]

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Sights of Jordan+

A four-minute time lapse video that captures the main tourist sights of Jordan, from the [...]

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Venice in a day+

A time lapse video of Venice in a day, shot from dawn to dusk, shot [...]

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Seriously beautiful Cape Town+

My city is captured beautifully in this time lapse video. This is the Mother City [...]

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Beautiful Positano+

A video that captures the seaside village of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. You can [...]

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Amazonia Manauara+

A dive into the mysteries and beauty of Manaus, the capital in the heart of [...]

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The road from Karakol: cycling Kyrgyzstan+

“Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a [...]

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Angola: the beauty within+

After years of civil war Angola is barely a blip on the tourist radar. Two [...]

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Time of Rio+

Golden beaches, bronzed beautiful bodies, sweeping cityscapes and funky tunes: Rio de Janeiro captured in [...]

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Paris without People+

Paris without people. It sounds a bit like the British tourist’s dream, but they’re not [...]

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An American food trip+

The Perennial Plate team set out across the USA in one month to tell the [...]

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