Humble Beginnings

The original idea for MyVideo was a local-only video sharing website, a way of organising, aggregating and presenting South African video content. From its beginnings in 2007 the videos we featured were South African in nature, or created by South Africans, and thus appealed to a South African audience. Our goal to create a thriving community and a destination to find and watch local only videos was made even harder by the rise of Google’s YouTube as well as other popular video sharing destinations.

The initiatives we did launch yielded many success stories, ranging from excellent user submissions covering eye witness news to the use and promotion of ‘branded’ channels by brands such Nokia, Sports Illustrated and FHM. Over time, however, user uploads diminished and the increasing business demands of hosting and delivering user generated video required a fundamental shift in direction.

As a result of these pressures and our desire to produce a quality online publication, hosting and delivering user-generated video uploads would no longer be viable. The MyVideo brand needed a new life, a new opportunity and a new direction.

Server Downtime

During this transitional period, we experienced a severe hardware failure with our hosting provider resulting in a number of issues with our archived video files. As a result, we had to restrict user uploads and functionality on our site and make some strong decisions as to the future of our service.

The future

MyVideo has relaunched as an online video magazine, showcasing curated and aggregated local and international videos hosted around the web. This new focus enables us to build a quality destination to browse a selection of entertaining videos that are topical, humorous, newsworthy whilst also providing a snapshot of popular videos being viewed and shared amongst social networks.

We will continue to keep our local relevance by sourcing and featuring videos that are topical to a South African audience, however we won’t be restricted to a South African only focus. A constant work in progress, MyVideo aims to keep on growing, improving, archiving and becoming an integral part of your online video viewing experience.

Available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and hosted locally in a world class data center means MyVideo’s overall experience is faster, better, easier, and more enjoyable for everyone. With a new team and a new focus, we’re excited about the future and can’t wait to introduce new features in the coming months.

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