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a story for tomorrow.+

This is a highly emotive video documenting a couple’s travels through Chile and Patagonia. It [...]

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The Longest Way+

Watch a man’s transformation from the beginning of his walking travels of over 4500 km [...]

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For most travellers a big appeal of experiencing different countries is sampling the local food. [...]

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A Day in California+

Over 10 000 photos are used to make this beautiful video of Southern California. From [...]

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Notte Sento+

A young and beautiful woman misses her train to  Milan. Forced to stay in Rome [...]

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Great idea if not a bit jarring. The same frame is used to shoot one [...]

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Seriously Beautiful Cape Town: Timelapses+

A preview of a long term project Silver Bullet embarked on in 2011, showcasing the [...]

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