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“We were on a walking safari tracking lions in the Greater Kruger National Park area. We had two extremely knowledgeable guides with us who knew the area intimately having spent months filming there, one of which was an official licensed guide. So we were as safe as one could on foot (which isn’t very safe at all honestly!). The two lions were mating in the bush (you can see the lioness in the background very briefly) and we disturbed them, thus the mock charges and my jerk terrified reaction on filming!
What I didn’t film was even more terrifying events of having to scramble up a tree just after this to escape a herd of buffalo who heard the commotion. And then later coming across another lion who (abnormally) stalked and charged us (no mock charge). You know it was serious when your guide looks visibly shaken! Later the Lion was airlifted far away by rangers from any human contact. Anyway it was an exciting trip!!! ” – Video by Angelo & Heulwen

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