Three Gold TV/Cinema Loeries+

At last night’s Loerie Awards, there were just three Golds and no Grand Prixs awarded [...]

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Die Antwoord – photo shoot of sorts+

Yoandi Vi$$er and Ninja throwing knives, dressing up and being Die Antwoord. Tristan OwenTristan has [...]

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Editor’s Pick: Cookie Thumper by Die Antwoord+

It’s certainly not for the conservatives, but what enjoyable tings ever really are, besides egregious [...]

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Die Antwoord: Cookie Thumper+

Die Antwoord are bringing out a new album in 2014, called Donker Mag and have [...]

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Little Big: Everyday I’m Drinking (Die Antwoord with midgets?)+

“No future, no rich, this is Russia bitch.” In an edgy, dark and comically disturbing [...]

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The Answer respond to Die Antwoord – Taxi Jam (Ocean View style)+

Get ready for some shock and horror! Die Antwoord are Copy Cats. Well at least [...]

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Die Antwoord & Lady Gaga ZANews Style+

Wowzers – this ZANews video really hits the spot. In some ways it takes the [...]

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Die Antwoord: Fatty Boom Boom+

Grim, gritty and filled with all sorts of extremeness. Yes it’s exactly what you would [...]

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Die Antwoord: I fink you freaky+

Die Antwoord are freaky but are liked a lot. There are few bands out there [...]

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Die Antwoord Baby on Fire+

What’s better than Die Antwoord? Well a whole bunch of things, but this track, Baby [...]

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