Rays leaping from the water+

A record-breaking school of mobular rays arrives off the coast of Baja in the United [...]

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Whales in Tonga+

The amazing life of Darren Jew – underwater photographer and Canon Master. His passion for [...]

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Dramatic Video Shows Volcano Making New Island Off Japan+

Japan got a little bit bigger this week, as a volcano created a new island [...]

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Whales give dolphin a ride+

Many species interact in the wild, most often as predator and prey. But recent encounters [...]

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The world’s heaviest bony fish+

The ocean sunfish is the world’s heaviest bony fish, weighing up to 2300kg and reaching [...]

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Great white shark jump in slow motion+

One of the planets most magnificent predators filmed launching itself into the air after a [...]

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Midway: you will not believe your eyes+

This is a trailer for MIDWAY, a film by Chris Jordan about an island in the [...]

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Woman swimming with great white shark+

An amazing interaction between the most feared and misunderstood fish in the ocean and a [...]

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Octopus changes into other animals+

The octopus is a mysterious creature proven to posses a high level of intelligence and [...]

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A moment with a sperm whale+

The sperm whale is one of the largest predators in the history of our planet. It [...]

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Monster worm and sea star timelapse+

A dead seal pup under the Antarctic iceshelf draws a swarm of strange and colourful [...]

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